Almost one month, yikes!



Has it  been almost a month, already?! You know what they say “how time flies when your having fun” and that I have, maybe even too much!

After the final push for pre order sales and working on the marketing of the book I unashamedly took time off, yes I know this is when I should be working harder, right? Well I didn’t completely take a break, I did a few bits and pieces behind the scenes but family time is precious time in our household and far more important with “daddy” being away so much of the year.  Anyway I am back and feeling more creative and enthusiastic than ever!

Splish Splash In a Bath has been doing well both in the UK and US which is awesome news, having now sold a couple of thousand copies! (Not too shabby, right!) I also have a few book readings coming up here in Australia, which is exciting and something I am looking forward too! We are stocked in a few of the local bookstores now which is also nice, although sadly in this day and age most people tend to buy online, which is where my focus is due to the worldwide reach. However if you are a Sunshine Coast local pop into The Bookshop in Caloundra as well as Collins, both on Bulcock Street for your very own signed copy.

Thank you once again for buying Splish Splash In a Bath and I hope you will continue to recommend it to your friends, family and work colleagues. Reviews are everything in this day and age, if you are reading this and purchased a copy if you would kindly leave me a review that would be awesome!  Thank you for your continued support.